What is the cost to the homeowner of this designation?

$250 upfront – with a 50% reimbursement of cost to the seller at the closing!

Your final cost $125

This cost may be added to the home’s cost basis to reduce taxable profits.

NOTICE: Win Morrison Realty receives NO profit on any of these programs and accepts payment for the Value Assured and Powerhouse as a “pass-through” to the appraisers and inspectors for our client’s convenience only. Win Morrison Realty accepts no responsibility or liability for these, or any,third party service providers.

Specialized aggressive promotion and creating individual websites for Value Assured and Powerhouse properties is a serious expense PAID FOR IN FULL by Win Morrison Realty,who financially invests in these promotions to maximize their salability. Like the old saying; WE PUT OUR MONEY WHERE OUR MOUTH IS.

There is something very special about Win Morrison Realty

We deeply believe in our core values as set forth by our management:

  • Truth

  • Forthrightness

  • Effort

  • Creativity

  • Teamwork

  • Family

Why family?

We pride ourselves in treating and protecting one another within our company as if we are members of the same family.This translates to our friends and clients. With decades of experience, a huge footprint, multiple regional offices, and maximum care, every transaction is treated with these basic business criteria.

There IS a HUGE difference in Real Estate agencies.

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Win Morrison Realty offers extraordinary listing options for property sellers.

When you choose the Win Morrison Realty POWERHOUSE TM Home program you can expect a positive

impact on the final sales price of your home when it sells.

Here’s why

A Value Assured Homesup TM“earns” its designation.

When this option is chosen, a fully licensed, experienced appraiser will come to your home and complete an honest professional assessment, comparing it to the current marketplace and your potential competition.*

Your home must be priced within 10% of the appraisal, and listed for a period of no less than 12 months to earn this designation.

This designation gives buyers Value Assured HomesTM receive: confidence that your Value Assured Home TM is properly priced:

It reduces negotiation time

Gives you a valuation basis on which to make your decisions

Give you a solid fallback position during negotiations

Brings higher initial offers

Reduces “lowball’ offers

Should positively impact the final sales price

Value Assured HomesTM receive:

Distinct signage indicating their special designation

Distinct advertising indicating why it is Value Assured

Distinct Value Assured listing section on our websites

½ hour with a professional** home stager

***You may choose to engage the home stager for additional work