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Victoria Hoyt

It's hard to believe, over 30 years (that's all I'll admit to) in the real estate business and still loving it! My love affair with real estate started when I worked for the USDA, Farmers Home Administration. As the first woman supervisor in the New York State and only the 4th in the country, I approved loans to low- and moderate-income families for new and existing homes, in addition to providing farm loans, plus many other programs. We had local farmers back then; how times have changed. What hasn't changed, however, is my interest in matching buyers with their ideal home and the joy, and sometimes challenge, of selling a property; the passion for both is steadfast. In addition to being a Real Estate Broker, I was also a New York State Certified Appraiser which, to me, was a perfect marriage. When representing the seller, I can offer my expert opinion of value, so the property is not listed at an unrealistic asking price forcing it to sit on the market and get stale. When representing the buyer, they trust my expertise and knowledge of property values so when placing an offer, they don't pay more than market value. I also enjoy helping sellers get their home ready for the open market. There is nothing like a good first impression. Depending on the property, I offer a free consultation from a well-known staging company in the area. Your home will then be ready to meet the perfect buyer. So, whether you are buying, or selling, call me. I will provide you with the expertise, attention and service you deserve, and we'll have fun in the process.