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Lisa Tumbleson

Lisa Tumbleson

Years ago, I was a filmmaker in Manhattan, summering on Long Island's then-undiscovered South Shore and loving the Outdoors. When the madding crowds arrived in paradise, I decamped for weekends year-round in the Hudson Valley, initially attracted by the mountain views, but also by the Woodstock Film Festival and memories of Big Pink. The burgeoning media community in the Kingston/Woodstock area provided me with a successful transition to country living. Soon Weekends were not enough - and post-9/11 Manhattan was getting to be entirely too much! - so I jumped ship altogether from that MBA-fueled Media career. I now pride myself on being a Woodstock / Duchess County market expert - and, trained by all those years of interviewing, the kind of effective listener that can help you articulate your internal vision and guide it to its home. Whether affordability or architectural swank or feng shui top your list of "must-have" features, I can almost always go deeper and farther than any on-line search site. In practical terms: I provide Buyers with reliable and current statistics, market history, and deep research on individual deals throughout the purchase negotiation, mortgage, and closing process.

As a certified "Eco Broker" I am familiar with current building practices in Green building technology and can help you weigh your options to improve energy efficiencies (along with various government subsidy options related to health & comfort remediation). You'll appreciate my quick response time, personalized "shopping" talents, sensitivity to my clients' needs, and commitment to the highest standards of ethical service.