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Kevin Tompkins

Kevin owned a small business in the 90's and has worked for the United States Postal Service since 1997 and has been Manager, Customer Services for the Poughkeepsie Post Office, Postmaster of Cornwall, Saugerties and now Postmaster of Middletown, NY. He joins the WMR team because he's always loved real estate and helping people. "I began investing in real estate in my 20’s.  I feel real estate gives people of ALL ages a chance to have a home and create wealth at the same time.  I love the flexibility in regard to negotiating a deal for any type of property…That is, 1st time homebuyers are able to own their own home with very little down and long time investors create communities from vacant land…In the long run, in most real estate deals, the buyer and seller, more times than not, are happy at closing.  I am looking forward to helping people achieve the ‘goal’ of home ownership and most of all, the happiness their home will give them for a long time to come."