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Eliana Amodio

My name is Eliana Amodio and I am native to the Hudson Valley Area. I have learned that the Hudson Valley is a perfect place live, love, grow, work, and play. It offers a wide range of features from rivers and streams to mountains and open pastures. There is a place for everyone in the Hudson Valley, but I didn’t realize how special it was until I moved away. At 18 years old, I moved to the Sunshine State of Florida and completed a bachelor and master’s degree. During those 10 years I got married and became a mother to my first-born son. Eventually I obtained my Florida Real Estate License. I developed a passion for helping people find their next home, their next place to begin a new journey, a fresh start. It quickly reminded me of “home”, the Hudson Valley. I eventually moved back to upstate New York with my family, back to my hometown where it all began. My family has always been involved in real estate, whether it was a new home or an investment property. I developed an interest early on, but once I obtained my Florida Real Estate License, I knew this is the career I wanted to pursue. Once I moved back to New York, I quickly obtained my New York Real Estate License, as I was eager to continue to help people find their next home in the Hudson Valley.