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Alan Kessler

Born and raised in Brooklyn NY, Alan served in the US Army between 1967 and 1969 on the border in a little place called “Joint Security Area Panmunjom.” In 1971, Alan moved to Maui and worked as a carpenter, restaurant manager, and his favorite job was working on a deep-sea charter sport fishing boat. In 1987, he moved his family to Boulder Colorado where he sold Subaru vehicles. Alan worked with a dealer that maintained the highest customer satisfaction. Alan was always the top 5 in sales (nationally) and he did it by listening, finding out what the clients wants, and needs were first. He also enjoyed the fly fishing in Colorado. In 2003, Alan, wanting to be near his 2 daughters, he moved to LA in California and he became a sales manager at Santa Monica Subaru until 2011. On a visit to his brother in Woodstock NY, he heard about the amazing fly fishing. In 2014, Alan was in front of the 63 John Street office of Win Morrison Realty, putting money in the meter when a very dignified looking gentleman approached him. After a few minutes, he suggested Alan obtain his RE license because the gentleman thought Alan would be very successful at it. That gentleman was Win Morrison of Win Morrison Realty. Alan took Win’s advice and obtained his RE license and found that if he worked hard, paid attention to what the client’s needs are, he would be successful. In 2016, Alan became Top Producer for over 3.8-million dollars in sales, mainly commercial properties. Call Alan for your real estate needs, he will be honest and work hard for you.