During my early twenties, my quest for adventure bought me to Woodstock, New York in the summer of 1994. Traveling between Toronto, Canada and New York was too much, so I settled in Willow and had my two awesome children. When I decided to sell my house with the help of a friend, a local agent, it was sold to the former owners of the Woodstock Animal Sanctuary. I enjoyed the process so, I was inspired to become a real estate agent. With the sale of that property and the purchase of another, I took the next steps to becoming a real estate agent. Now 21 years later, I am still here, loving the Hudson Valley and working with Win Morrison Realty. I am an energetic, knowledgeable, and tough negotiator whether working for myself or my clients. The Hudson Valley has properties that are priced in the high millions to humble seasonal and full-time homes, urban and rural. It attracts a vast variety of buyers that fall in love with its beauty and eclectic environment. The change of seasons is so spectacular that one can never be bored! For winter sports, one can drive to Windham, Hunter or the family ski resort Belleayre. The spring and summer hiking, camping and entertainment opportunities are endless, and the panoply of nature’s fall colors are indescribably beautiful. The stellar variety of unique towns with their Farmers Markets, Wineries, and unusual specialty shops offering local products, enrich the lives of the residents who call the Hudson Valley home. Let me share with you what I have enjoyed for so long. I can help you find the most pristine properties or suggest where you can purchase all your organic building materials, since I am a certified Ecobroker. Putting my skills to work, I completed my own environmentally conscious home — from organic paints and stains, to environmentally friendly bamboo floors. So if you are in the market to sell or purchase your dream home —-let’s take this journey together!